Friday 20 July 2007


Czech gaming site,, has a shedload of AGS games (including mine :D) in their adventure section, each with screenshots and a short review.

Go! :)

Thursday 12 July 2007

On the Level!

Two features from the pages of Turkey's Level magazine regarding AGS and various AGS games, including:

Apprentice II
Bestowers of Eternity
Two of a Kind

See below for scans (thanks to Gord10):

Level Page 1
Level Page 2

English translation of page 1 (thanks again to Gord10):

"Adventure Game Studio:

Adventure Game Studio is one of the most popular game developing tools. It is possible to make your own point-and-click game with this tool, which is aimed at making adventure games, as is obvious by it's name. This genre (point-and-click) had an important role in the rise of the adventure games, that was lead by Sierra and Lucas Arts at the beginning of 90's.

It is pretty easy to design GUI's with this tool, furthermore it is possible to create the GUIs you want. It also supplys easiness to the developers by containing the classical Sierra GUI inside the tool. Your game will gain shape in case you follow the steps with the basic processes, without having the knowledge of coding. If you wish to add more complex pieces and cut-scenes into your game, you need to have knowledge of coding.

Some products that were included in the CD/DVD's of the previous months were made with AGS; 6 Days a Sacrifice, Reactor 09, King's Quest III, What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes are Closed.

And here is one of the games that was made with AGS and flooded with the awards by the official web site of the program:

Example Game:
Apprentice II: The Knight's Move

This game, that was developed by Herculean Effort Productions, has got two previous versions, but this has been the most successful version that was made [Gord's Note: He must have counted the Deluxe version as a new game].

This game, developed in 2004, got 7 awards;

Best Production, Best Dialogues, Best Puzzles, Best Room Design, Best Character Design, Best Animation and Best Music.

The Knight's Move, whose story is the sequel of the previous games, includes an improved GUI, pages of in-game dialogues, game play over 25 minutes and secret puzzles."


From the pages of PCFormat Issue 203 (August 2007):

The Blackwell Legacy and 6 Days a Sacrifice feature in PCFormat's "Recommended" section. See below for scan.

PCFormat 203

Meanwhile, PC Format's 203 cover DVD features both 5 Days a Stranger and 7 Days a Skeptic, while over on PC Gamer's cover DVD (Issue 177/August 2007) are Gesundheit! and What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed.