Saturday 16 June 2007

7 Days an Apprentice!

Thanks to Akatosh on the AGS forums for these reviews from the pages of Gamestar(Ger):

7 Days a Skeptic (August 2004 Issue)
Apprentice 2 (August 2004 Issue)

An english translation (by Akatosh) of the 7 Days a Skeptic review:
7 Days A Skeptic

Friends of classical Point-and-Click-Adventures should take a look at 7 Days a Skeptic. In a distant future, mankind just couldn't stand living on earth anymore and started to settle in space. The Mephistopheles is a science vessel, which is exploring the Caracus galaxs with a crew of six persons. After a few days, the team discovers a strange metal box floating through space. In contradiction to the Federation's orders, the captain pulls it on board for research. This is where the game starts for you: Playing as the crew's psychologist Dr. Jonathan Somerset, you investigae the strange events on board and take care of the crew. To move through the spaceship, click the respective spot with the cursor. If you come acros something interesting, you can open a menu via the right mouse button and choose several actions. The settings menu appears when you touch the screen top with your mouse.

GameStar Valuation: Very Good
Company: Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw
Type: Freeware
Playable: Fully

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