Friday 2 January 2009

Back 2...Back Harder!

Greetings! Please find attached...

A four page article by Ben There, Dan That! creator Dan Marshall, with added Lemmy and Captain Binky, that appeared in PC Zone (UK Edition Nov 2008):

Warning: Large files!

UPDATE: Sorry, but the server these files were on went boom. I'll try to get them back up. Eventually.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

A collection of AGS games featured in PC Gamer (UK Edition Dec 2008):

"Best Indie Adventures"

A review of Damsel from PC Zone (UK Edition n/a 2008):


A review of How Many... from PC Zone (UK Edition n/a 2008):

"How Many..."

An appearance by The Infinity String in PC Gamer (UK Edition Dec 2008):

"The Infinity String"

An appearance by Spooks and Nanobots creator The Ivy in PC Gamer (UK Edition Jan 2009):

"Hi, I'm a Game Developer"

And finally, all the AGS games that appeared in PC Gamer's "A Year of Free Games" feature (UK Edition Jul 2008):

"A Year of Free Games"



Mark J Lovegrove said...

sweeeet! and to think i worked on 6 of them .^^ nice scan mr Fish, thanks!! Mods

Mark J Lovegrove said...

in the last article that is, lol. All the other scans are a great read too. well done everyone!